• Integration based on time, not frames
  • More calibration
  • Remove non-random pattern feature (too confusing)

Change log

a811456 (tag: 1.5) minor source refactor
2522fe6 rename autogen.sh
2ce87f2 Merge pull request #33 from jonbirge/adaptive-integration
805bd52 update readme
e64c9a6 command argument for integration time
ce6caa2 integrate for specified time
e53ff0b Update README.md
39b2338 Merge pull request #32 from jonbirge/long-options
4a9ecb5 fix makeclean.sh
9a354ff long form command line options
7aa5535 more checks in configure.ac
5aee56e improved autoconf script
ade1717 Merge pull request #31 from jonbirge/fix-pattern-update-bug
5464d1e pattern updates with screen size change
10f8ea1 Merge pull request #30 from jonbirge/fix-bitrate-display-bug
ebd3e87 fix bitrate display bug
5d4366f Merge pull request #29 from jonbirge/calibration
de88f43 more efficient color changes
7001a41 smarter color handling
d0b7dd6 vorticity to deterministic pattern (for fun)
6646058 warning for compression
33af625 Update README.md
2e1cc5b debug option
2f2a660 validated calibration for random
4d8edec Update README.md