• Mostly bug fixes

Change log

b961bef (tag: 1.5.5) store bug workaround in snapcraft.yaml
c618230 enhance snapcraft.yaml; bump version
cbd8d47 bump version to final
8adc1e9 fix averaging
2ea5ca7 color tweaks
6982e60 improved deterministic pattern
877c5da minor tweaks; version bump
95cd499 Update Mbps display
5e27350 use smaller library for stage
291634b increase version
5e76161 snapcraft builds from github
819f664 rename autogen.sh for snapcraft.io compatibility
9ead1ab improved license formatting
7e14910 Markdown version of GPL
ca98faf Merge pull request #34 from jonbirge/snap
9cb6ff0 move snapcraft to top level
ae710da strict snap confinement
afa4dd2 Create LICENSE
566e5d3 Add link to snap store in README
6d7efb5 update snap version
93568b7 copy in missing automake files
086281b Update README.md
61ee91a initial snapcraft.yaml
c0b9244 remove obsolete elements of configure.ac