• autoconf script
  • non-random patterns for testing compression
  • better calibration of bitrate

Detailed change log

0a94535 (HEAD -> master, tag: 1.3.1, origin/master, origin/HEAD) update version
3b88bed change help message
929d46a edit readme
ae055fb (tag: 1.3) Merge branch 'release/1.3'
55545c0 update version and minor config fix
ae52162 getopt optional
418c903 formatting fix
683dbeb fix reset
5cfea97 work better on slow connections
ed5fcab fix makeclean.sh
ce5f764 Merge branch 'feature/comp' into develop
cdadb06 improved autoconf
963f7cf minor fix
e48666b improve configure.ac
772f3a2 clean up autoconf files
9ae99e1 faster polling
bdeb544 command line option for random
0faf0ec corrections for color in non-random
87bfcec slow non-random animation
f8ddab6 clear mbps after reset
24d61d1 reset average when needed
11431eb feedback on random selection
e6549ae minor fix
f3161a8 initial non-random implementation